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Pierre Zéro
Non-Alcoholic Collection

Pierre Zéro Cuvées

Pierre Zéro is the original brand of Maison Chavin. With more than ten years of history, it has been enriched over the years with different grape varieties and different packaging.

It is a complete proposition with its Classique, Prestige and emblematic Signature ranges.

The Classique Range

The Prestige Range

The Signature Range

The Pierre Zéro collection is

Chavin - Non-alcoholic


Chavin - Vegan


Chavin - Sulphite-free


Pierre Zéro is a brand that is present in the restaurant industry and through rather exclusive distribution.

Pierre Zéro is a premium brand that has unquestionably become the reference for French non-alcoholic products.

It is present in many countries around the world and has obtained awards and distinctions.

Our emblematic “Pierre Zéro Signature” range is the result of meticulous research pledging a unique tasting experience.

Signature is Chavin’s top of the range non-alcoholic line.


Pierre Zéro


Pierre Zéro