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Chavin - CHAVIN: Spotlight on viàOccitanie
10 Apr.2024
Chavin - CHAVIN: Spotlight on viàOccitanie

Last night, in a broadcast aired on the viàOccitanie network, the founder and CEO of CHAVIN, Mathilde Boulachin, captured viewers’ attention by sharing the inspiring story of this iconic brand.

For 14 years now, CHAVIN has established itself as the undisputed leader in the field of premium alcohol-free wines. Based in Béziers, Hérault, the CHAVIN house and brand have successfully combined traditional craftsmanship with innovation to deliver products of exceptional quality, recognized worldwide.

Mathilde Boulachin, with her international professional background and passion for excellence, epitomizes CHAVIN‘s values perfectly. Her unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has enabled the brand to stand out on the international stage, with products available in over 60 countries worldwide.

The broadcast also provided an opportunity to highlight CHAVIN‘s future projects, including the creation of new premises featuring a showroom designed to provide a unique experience for local and regional clientele.

CHAVIN continues to make its mark in the premium alcohol-free wine industry, redefining standards and inspiring wine enthusiasts worldwide.

To relive this captivating moment, we invite you to watch the replay of the broadcast via the following link: Broadcast Replay

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