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The non-alcoholic

Chavin produces non-alcoholic brands,

natural extensions to wines and bubbles and sophisticated alternatives to soft drinks. Chavin, a pioneer in this sector, has become a global reference.

This type of drink with a complex production process has become very popular. Chavin non-alcoholic products are concerned with nutritional respect.

Quality, premium and made from noble raw materials, Chavin brands are healthy and meaningful. They are the basis of mocktails with advanced recipes.

They are not intended to replace wine on the prestigiously starred restaurant dining tables where they are present, but to provide a natural complement to alcoholic drinks. These prestigious places know how to combine their exceptional menus with the brands of the Chavin house.

The non-alcoholic

Collection sans alcool - Silhouet’



Low in calories and alcohol-free, the Silhouet' range will provide comfort in your choice to look after yourself and your health, while combining pleasure and indulgence.

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Collection sans alcool - ÔPIA



ÔPIA was the first French organic brand. Unfermented, ÔPIA draws its full flavours from infusions and complex grape maceration. ÔPIA is a hymn to nature, to mosaics of vineyards and terroirs and to biodiversity.

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Collection sans alcool - Zéra



Zéra is a range of organic, vegan, halal, alcohol-free drinks containing no sulphites or preservatives. It is produced according to French expertise and contains only the essential ingredients to offer a refined tasting experience for those seeking an elegant wine without the harmful effects of alcohol.

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Collection sans alcool - Le Petit Chavin

Le Petit Chavin

Le Petit Chavin

The Petit Chavin is the result of a meticulous selection and blend of French wines from the South of France, where the climate and the influence of the Mediterranean bring a beautiful freshness to the grapes.

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Collection sans alcool - Le Petit Etoilé

Le Petit Etoilé

Le Petit Etoilé

The Petit Étoilé is a new range of non-fermented alcohol-free products, certified by organic farming, without preservatives or sulphites inspired by French bistronomy.

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Collection sans alcool - FLORENTINA



Florentina is the trendy ready-to-drink mocktail inspired by a fruity and sunny world. Florentina's alcohol-free bubbles are an invitation to relaxation and pleasure. Our three flavours: Red Fruits, Peach and Spritz are ideal to drink on their own or as a fruity base for new mocktails. Booze-free Florentina will be your favourite sparkling drinks for your aperitifs, relaxing afternoons in the sun, meals or evening parties, all with 0% alcohol!

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Collection sans alcool - Les Cocottes

Les Cocottes

Les Cocottes

Les Cocottes est une gamme de vins désalcoolisés qui a su conserver tous les arômes du vin classique sans les inconvénients de l'alcool. Léger comme une aile de papillon dit-on, à l'image de notre marque sans alcool légère en calories, et plus que légère en alcool.

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Developed by Chavin’s oenologists from noble grape varieties, the Non-Alcoholic Collection strives to bring emotions and characteristic flavours. It offers obvious health benefits since, in addition to being non-alcoholic and vegan, these ranges are lower in calories.

Chavin - non-alcoholic


Chavin - vegan


Chavin - - calories

- calories

Its production takes care to preserve the polyphenols, vitamins and minerals naturally present in grapes.

Elegant, generous and refined, this Collection produced according to French winemaking expertise is present in more than sixty countries.

The non-alcoholic drinks are appreciated by women, new generations and teetotallers. The brands cause a stir at festive cocktail parties and parties without moderation.

They provide a sensory and uniting experience, be it around a wine glass or a Champagne flute.

Chavin has developed a multitude of possibilities.
The non-alcoholic drinks are white, rosé or red but also sparkling.
They are made from…

Chavin - Cépage Chardonnay


Chavin - Cépage Chardonnay


Chavin - Cépage Chardonnay


Chavin - Cépage Chardonnay


Chavin - Cépage Chardonnay


The brands are presented in traditional bottles but also in smaller containers (in 20cl or 37.5cl) to enjoy on the go.

Chavin has also bottled an non-alcoholic wine in a 3 litre BIB® (Bag In Box). Chavin’s ranges are classic or organic, dealcoholised or non-fermented.

The compositions offer a range of nuances to meet different tastes.

The collections

Chavin is a creator of brands, wines with innovative profiles, thoughtful packaging, elegance and modernity combined to satisfy tastes. Organic, High Environmental Value, low in alcohol content, non-alcoholic, no added sulphites, no preservatives, no pesticide residues…

Today’s trends and tomorrow’s demands are presented in the House Collections.