Pierre Chavin

Pierre Chavin is a french wine producer and merchant. DNA and culture are clearly based on differentiation as well as innovation. With a strong position on the export market and active in more than 50 countries throughout the world, Pierre Chavin creates and produces wines responding and anticipating consumers taste and global trends.

Every wines tell a story of passion and love and each creation is crafted like a piece of art.

Pierre Chavin’s wine collections combine tradition and originality in order to offer innovative wines, both inside and outside the bottle, with unique packaging designs rooted in the Made in France concept along with a touch of Chavin’s trademark daringness.

Dare to be different! We understand how to combine centuries of tradition with an elegant and modern approach...

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P&P : le premier rosé « Extra Pale » au monde

P&P : first « Extra Pale » in the world

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P&P : le premier rosé « Extra Pale » au monde

P&P : first « Extra Pale » in the world

Always at the forefront of trends, Pierre Chavin launches the first « Extra pale » rosé in the world. Under the emblematic P&P brand, Pierre Chavin proposes a rosé with an unequalled purity. Crystalline, almost transparent, this rosé wine …

TOURNEDOS® enrichit la collection « Bon Appétit » !

TOURNEDOS® new addition to the « Bon Appétit » line !

The « Bon Appétit » line offers food and wine pairings on front labels of bottle. After Bœuf Bourguignon® and Bouillabaisse® representing the most known dishes of the French cuisine, Tournedos® arrives with an international style. With …

La Noria « Taste of Freedom »®: Un format nomade pour une consommation plaisir

La Noria « Taste of Freedom »®: A carryable format for a pleasure consumption

La Noria brand growing up with the launch of the « Taste of Freedom » new range, with a unique format. In 187ml PET bottle, La Noria « Taste of Freedom » combines red, white and rosé floral, aromatic …

ÔPIA disponible chez Ekoplaza, célèbre chaîne de magasins bio aux Pays-Bas

ÔPIA available at Ekoplaza, leading organic shops chain in the Netherlands

Ekoplaza, leading organic shops chain in the Netherlands, proposes ÔPIA on shelves. First alcohol-free wines, organic and vegan certified on the market, ÔPIA is also the first time for Ekoplaza which has never proposed non-alcoholic …

Pierre Zéro au London Halal Food Festival 2017

Pierre Zéro at London Halal Food festival 2017

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Ma fête d’anniversaire avec Pierre Zéro

My Birthday Party with Pierre Zéro

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