Pierre Chavin

Pierre Chavin is a french wine producer and merchant. DNA and culture are clearly based on differentiation as well as innovation. With a strong position on the export market and active in more than 50 countries throughout the world, Pierre Chavin creates and produces wines responding and anticipating consumers taste and global trends.

Every wines tell a story of passion and love and each creation is crafted like a piece of art.

Pierre Chavin’s wine collections combine tradition and originality in order to offer innovative wines, both inside and outside the bottle, with unique packaging designs rooted in the Made in France concept along with a touch of Chavin’s trademark daringness.

Dare to be different! We understand how to combine centuries of tradition with an elegant and modern approach...

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pierre chavin sans alcool Dry January

Take the challenge of the month without alcohol – Dry January

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pierre chavin sans alcool Dry January

Take the challenge of the month without alcohol – Dry January

Between caloric meals and all kinds of abuse, after December it’s the New Year’s Resolutions time. For year 2019, why don’t you begin with a funny and limited in time challenge with your friends ? The « Dry …

Rayon Boissons : Pierre Chavin aims for the zero alcohol with Ôpia

ÔPIA still holds the attention of Rayon Boissons, leader of the French professional press, in its december 2018 extra. Presented in the supplements december programme, Rayon Boissons highlighted the particularity of this unfermented drink made from grape juice and seed infusion compare to “Bonne Nouvelle” based on …

Pierre Zéro on the table of the “Nobel Banquet 2018” in Stockholm

It is certainly one of the most magnificent event of the year, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the majestic Nobel Banquet, taking place every December 10th, the day Alfred Nobel died, gathers more than 1 350 hosts around …

pierre chavin actu LSA OPIA

LSA “The top of the range of without alcohol”

ÔPIA holds the attention of LSA, professional weekly magazine dedicated to the current events and to the analysis of the trends of trade, the mass-market retailing and of the consumption. Presented in the column “ORGANIC …

Masters de la Lettre M : “Master Export” award

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Mocktail OPIA

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