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Chavin - A New Accolade for Chavin Zero Vin De France Sauvignon Blanc
24 May.2024
Chavin - A New Accolade for Chavin Zero Vin De France Sauvignon Blanc

We are delighted to share some exciting news with our loyal wine enthusiasts and those exploring the world of non-alcoholic alternatives. Our Chavin Zero Vin De France Sauvignon Blanc has recently received an impressive rating of 15/20 on the prestigious site JancisRobinson.com!

This recognition was awarded by the renowned taster Tamlyn Currin, who took the time to savor our non-alcoholic wine and provide a detailed review. Her evaluation highlights the unique qualities of our product, notably its sweet taste and acidity reminiscent of shrubs. Here’s an excerpt from her review:

It tastes sweeter than it is, with a shrub-like tanginess. It starts well, with a brief sens of clementine fruit. But as with every single dealcoholised wine I’ve ever tasted, it has a hole in the middle and is very short. It is, however, better than many other dealcoholised wines.”

This rating of 15/20 is a significant acknowledgment of our efforts to create non-alcoholic wines that do not compromise on quality and tasting experience. At Chavin, we are committed to offering high-quality alternatives for those who choose not to consume alcohol, without sacrificing the pleasures of a fine tasting experience.

We would like to thank Tamlyn Currin and Jancis Robinson for this honest and insightful review. Your feedback encourages us to continue innovating and improving our products to meet the expectations of our consumers.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover our Chavin Zero Vin De France Sauvignon Blanc, now is the perfect time to do so. Join us in this non-alcoholic adventure and be pleasantly surprised by the quality and finesse of our wines.

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