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Chavin - Concours inédit organisé par Chavin et Ferrandi Paris
24 Jan.2024
Chavin - Concours inédit organisé par Chavin et Ferrandi Paris

Mocktail & Pastry Pairing: Gourmet challenges launched by Chavin to Ferrandi Paris students

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In this period of sobriety, alcohol-free mixology and baking are rising to the top of the trends, captivating consumers’ growing enthusiasm for unparalleled sensory experiences. For the first time, Ferrandi Paris and Maison Chavin dare to launch this brand new competition embodying this gourmet fusion which unites mixology and pastry, and offers an ode to culinary creativity by the future big names in the field who will seduce a public eager for alcohol-free delights.

Welcome to an era where taste pleasure reaches new heights, even without a drop of alcohol!


First mocktail and pastry pairing competition

The unique competition took place in the heart of the prestigious FERRANDI PARIS school on January 23. The event delivered on its promise with a captivating competition where the art of alcohol-free mixology merged with the delicacy of baking.

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Six talented pairs took on the daring challenge of creating the perfect pairing between an exquisite mocktail and a sumptuous pastry, in front of a jury made up of masters of the culinary industry. The competition’s rating was based on strong and essential values ​​in their professions: the inspiration and relevance of the pairings, the aesthetics, the balance of flavors, the techniques used as well as their creativity.

These teams, selected for their ingenuity and imagination, competed in skill and innovation to conquer the demanding taste buds of the panel of experts. A day where passion and culinary skill met in a whirlwind of flavors and emotions, thus revealing the artisans of tomorrow’s taste harmony.


Jury of Excellence: The Masters of Mixology, Pastry and Culinary Criticism United for this daring competition!

To give a touch of excellence and expertise to this unique competition, we have brought together an exceptional jury, made up of true masters in their respective fields. From the virtuosity of bartenders to the elegant creations of pastry chefs, including the ingenuity of mixologists and the wise criticism of culinary journalists, the jury embodies the gastronomy industry. Together, they were able to bring their keen discernment to select the most remarkable know-how and creations.

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The jury was composed of:


Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 edition

Crédit : Antoine Coquelet – Coqprod

Rhea Bottaro, pastry chef, apprentice at Pierre Gagnaire’s Gaya restaurant and Medhi Daouadi, apprentices chefs barmen.


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