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  • Our distinctions / September 28, 2021

    Pierre Chavin Côtes de Provence, 2 stars in the Guide Hachette 2022 !

    The Guide Hachette des Vins is one of the oldest and best-selling wine guides in France. It has just awarded two stars to our rosé wine Pierre Chavin Côtes de Provence. Another very fine distinction …

  • Press / July 30, 2021

    Gilbert & Gaillard : how to energize the wine market?

    Page cover of Gilbert & Gaillard international magazine for Mathilde Boulachin, CEO & owner of Pierre Chavin. One more time, Pierre Chavin leaded by Mathilde shows how to energize the wine market thanks to innovation. …

  • Our distinctions / July 26, 2021

    Vuoden Viinit

    Our best seller awarded again in Finland! Pierre Chavin Côtes de Gascogne was elected “Best wine of the year” in the Bag-in-Box® White category A nice reward that comes on top of an already nice palmares. …

  • Our distinctions / July 8, 2021

    Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021

    Pierre Chavin‘s eponymous brand has once again conquered the jury! Rewarded this time with a Silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. It’s Dressed in flowers that we find a cuvée all in finesse. Aromas …

  • Events / July 1, 2021


    New born in the none-alcoholic category: Joyéa by Pierre Chavin. A none-fermented, organic, chardonnay inspired by nature. A couture and designed virgin sparkling… more than a drink, a full experience… an expression of Joy ! …

  • Press / June 29, 2021

    Pierre Chavin in LSA !

    “No / low alcohol” trends, in LSA, THE French magazine devoted to current events and the analysis of trade trends! Read on   #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #nolo

  • Events / June 24, 2021

    Glad Midsomar !

    Pierre Chavin wish you all a Glad Midsommar! And enjoy on top of a great party, a great wine, an explosion of flowers of Joy! #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #midsomar

  • Our distinctions / June 7, 2021

    Pierre Chavin Côtes de Gascogne with 5 stars!

    Viinilehti, important media in Finland,awards Pierre Chavin Côtes de Gascogne with 5 stars! The best award! Great quality recognition for this best selling BIB in Scandinavia ! #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #viinilehti

  • Events / June 7, 2021

    Pierre Chavin takes part in the new revolution of low and no-alcohol !

    9-10 JUNE 2021   The Low2NoBev Show is a brand new – and unique – dedicated trade event to give the sector its own voice and support its future growth. From low-abv beers, ciders, wines …

  • Press / June 1, 2021

    They talk about us !

    Pierre Chavin in the famous french newspaper “le Monde” Read on  #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree #vinsansalcool #nonalcoholicwine #alcohofreewine #lemonde

  • Events / June 1, 2021

    Pierre Zéro at Hilton Hotel

    Hilton Hotel in Seoul recently launched ‘Babymoon Package’ for pregnant women and their families. This includes a bottle of Pierre Zero Chardonnay sparkling ! 👉 #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree #vinsansalcool #nonalcoholicwine #alcohofreewine #pierrezero

  • Our distinctions / May 7, 2021

    Vinordic 2021

    Good news from Vinordic. Pierre Chavin BiB Côtes de Provence received a silver medal again and the bottle a gold medal! #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #vinordic

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