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Chavin - Pierre Zéro x Oceania Cruises
09 Mar.2023
Chavin - Pierre Zéro x Oceania Cruises

The Seatrade Cruise News web blog published an article on the theme of innovation, partnerships and cutting-edge tools that are propelling the evolution of beverages on board cruises.
For example with the presence of the Pierre Zero range on Oceania boats.

High Expectations For Drinks to Go With “The Finest Cuisine at Sea” on Oceania
Aiming to complement Oceania Cruises’ superior cuisine, the debut of the line’s new, 1,200-guest Vista this coming May will feature what the company calls “immersive, experiential beverage offerings” that incorporate cutting-edge cocktail trends and techniques.  Guests will be treated to beverages injected with citrus, rosemary, or mixed berry flavored smoke bubbles and mists courtesy of the “Flavour Blaster”; low and no-sugar wines; zero-proof cocktails mixed using Lyers Impossibly Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirits (offering reasonable facsimiles of their boozy brethren); non-alcoholic wines from Pierre Zero; and Negronis aged in wooden barrels.

Read article here : https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/blog/blog-innovation-infusion-cutting-edge-tools-propelling-onboard-beverage-evolution

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