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Chavin - Loader
Chavin - Chavin in “Le Parisien”
05 Jan.2023
Chavin - Chavin in “Le Parisien”

Chavin continues to be a reference for this 4th edition of Dry January with this article in Le Parisien.

Le Parisien, a French print media followed by more than 2,504,000 readers daily, has been able to highlight alcohol-free alternatives to stay sober this month.

“Mathilde Boulachin, the founder of the brand Chavin, positioned since 2010 on the top of the range without alcohol. The growth of some products is 20 to 30%. It is no longer a niche but a fundamental trend. If distributors have been resistant, more and more consumers are asking for it.”

Press article published on Thursday, January 5, 2023 in the n°24372:  2023-01-05-LE PARISIEN 

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