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Chavin - Mathilde BOULACHIN Olympic torchbearer for Paris 2024
18 Jan.2024
Chavin - Mathilde BOULACHIN Olympic torchbearer for Paris 2024

This May, Mathilde Boulachin, founder and CEO of Chavin, will be carrying the Olympic and Paralympic Flame for Paris 2024.

In the Banque Populaire du Sud region, the Olympic flame will arrive in the Hérault region on May 13, where Mathilde will be present for the relay, then travel down to the Pyrénées-Orientales region on May 15, and join the Aude region on May 16. As for the Paralympic flame, it will set off from Montpellier on August 25, reaching the cauldron of Paris two days later.

“I’m proud to be the bearer of this magnificent, centuries-old flame in Occitanie. For me, it’s a symbol of light, of making the impossible possible, of perseverance and daring. In my life as a woman, mother, sportswoman and entrepreneur, the challenges are great and the obstacles omnipresent. But the light remains, the guidance that instills the very special energy of entrepreneurship. This flame is borrowed, it’s mine for a moment, it’s yours, it’s a source of inspiration for all athletes and in many sporting, economic, cultural and other fields. It’s our duty to keep it alive. Keeping the flame alive, making it shine again and again… that’s the leitmotiv of a lifetime.”

Mathilde Boulachin – CEO – 44 years

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