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Chavin - Caviar de Neuvic x CHAVIN
11 Jan.2024
Chavin - Caviar de Neuvic x CHAVIN


The collaboration between Caviar de Neuvic and  Chavin represents a convergence between two distinct French entities. Each recognised for their commitment to their respective fields. During alcohol-free month, Caviar de Neuvic has chosen to establish a partnership with Pierre Chavin. A company known for its innovative and daring approach to the drinks industry. Favouring alternatives such as alcohol-free, organic, HVE, low-alcohol wines and wines with no added sulphites.

Our two houses share a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and a passion for gastronomic excellence. This association promises a unique alliance. Combining expertise and quality, to offer consumers an unforgettable experience combining exceptional caviar and quality alternative wines.


Baeri Signature Caviar is distinguished by the melt-in-the-mouth texture of its eggs and a subtle hint of hazelnut on the finish. The result is a palette of delicate sensations that underline its elegance and balance.

Meanwhile, Chavin’s Petit Étoilé Chardonnay effervescent organic alcohol-free sparkling wine has a delicate effervescence, characterised by fine, persistent bubbles. Pale yellow in colour with brilliant silver highlights, its aromas evoke hints of white flowers, green apple and white pear, enhanced by hints of lemon and butter. On the palate, a creamy, enveloping mousse reveals citrus flavours offering incomparable freshness.

Tasting these two delights together offers a harmonious and captivating taste experience. The combination of Baeri Signature Caviar with its melting eggs and delicate hint of hazelnut with Chavin’s Petit Étoilé Chardonnay effervescent organic alcohol-free wine, characterised by its fine, persistent bubbles and floral and fruity aromas, creates a delectable symbiosis on the palate. The subtle balance of caviar flavours with the incomparable freshness of Chardonnay adds an extra dimension to this tasting experience. All in all, an exceptional and refined sensory experience.

Our Signature Baeri Caviar can be found on our website or in all our shops in Neuvic, Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. 05 53 80 89 57

Pierre Chavin’s signature bottles can be found at or in our boutique in Béziers. 04 67 90 12 60

Written by Laurine Gay – Caviar de Neuvic

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