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Chavin - OPIA in can!
23 Aug.2022
Chavin - OPIA in can!

Very 1st NA organic drink in such format

Chavin launches OPIA Chardonnay, a fizzy version of its famous Brand, in a 250ml can. Its first organic, non-fermented non-alcoholic drink is now available in a sustainable packaging that preserves freshness, and bubbles. Chavin pursues its art of Difference with this easy-to-drink, easy-to-be enjoyed any time, any where alternative to wine. More than a drink, OPIA in this Nomad format is 100% recyclable. It is also low in calories, vegan friendly, respectful of wellness. Newly launched in Japan, the welcoming is already a success… Certainly an anwser to new consumers’ taste and habits.

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