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Chavin - OPIA, Best Alcohol-Free for Women’s Health
08 Mar.2023
Chavin - OPIA, Best Alcohol-Free for Women’s Health
Jennifer SAVIN, editor for Women’s Health magazine, has made her selection of the 25 best alcohol-free products to drink.
This English journalist knows what she is talking about. She herself took a long break from alcohol for over 15 months.
During this period, she was able to try OPIA Chardonnay, which she particularly appreciated.
She says :

This one is a great shout for anybody who isn’t a big fan of the taste of wine (shocking I know, but I actually do have a few non-sober friends who’ve just never vibed with a “large house white” – my go-to of yesteryear).

Whilst it looks the part, this Opia option from Vintage Roots is more like drinking a really fresh and tangy peach juice. It’s extra delicious when chilled.

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