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Chavin - Winart Japan honors Pierre Zéro Signature
08 Dec.2022
Chavin - Winart Japan honors Pierre Zéro Signature
Winart is a magazine for wine lovers in Japan. It is in the n°111 of winter 2023 that was published an article about Chavin and our non-alcoholic Pierre Zéro Signature Chardonnay.
Translation of the article: “Pioneer in non-alcoholic in France.
We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Pierre Zéro. Thanks to the spining cone column system, Chavin can preserve the aroma and can eliminate the alcohol.
Without added SO2 and vegan. This drink benefits from phenolics. It is a drink with less calories than wines. Finally, this drink was served at the Nobel Prize gala dinner.
There are classic products. Classic ranges that are prepared by adding grape juice. Signature ranges are prepared with a de-alcoholized wine only. Pierre Zéro Signature Sparkling has just been added to the Mottox portfolio.
It’s a very elegant design. There’s a very elegant aroma and it’s fresh and dry in the mouth. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of a non-alcoholic drink.
It should be a success taking advantage of the situation of the progression of the No Low category. We estimate 31% growth in the No Low category through 2024.”
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