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Chavin - Pierre Zéro in South Korea
20 Jan.2023
Chavin - Pierre Zéro in South Korea

Pierre Zero and its Premium version Pierre Zéro Signature in Winein in South Korea. Chavin’s CEO Mathilde Boulachin in Seoul answering to the journalists’ questions like the one adressed by Herim Cheon on the none-alcoholic beverages growth in this part of Asia. « Very interesting to match the korean cuisine with our NA lines, excellent wedding I must say » explained Mathilde.


Read here : https://winein.co.kr/%ed%8d%bc%ed%94%8c%eb%8f%85%ec%9d%98-%ed%94%bc%ec%97%90%eb%a5%b4-%ec%b1%a0%eb%b9%88-%eb%85%bc%ec%95%8c%ec%bd%94%ec%98%ac-%ec%99%80%ec%9d%b8/

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