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Chavin - The IWSC results are out!
19 Jul.2022
Chavin - The IWSC results are out!
We are very proud to announce that the Pierre Zero Signature range has won 3 medals in the alternative drinks category at the famous International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSP).
Pierre Zero Signature Chardonnay and Pierre Zero Signature Sparkling Rosé each won a bronze medal, and Pierre Zero Signature Grenache won a silver medal. We are pleased to share the jury’s tasting notes.

Tasting notes from the jury:
Pierre Zero Signature Chardonnay – Bronze Medal
” Initial nose is earthy and woody. Lovely minerality and sharp mouthfeel. “

Pierre Zero Signature Sparkling Rosé – Bronze Medal
“Easily quaffable with a lovely vibrant mousse and a delightfully creamy, fruity mouthfeel.”

Pierre Zero Signature Grenache – Silver Medal
” Beautiful, savoury nose with prominent aromas of wood, tomato and paprika. A dark berry character runs throughout the palate, with a dusting of cinnamon and woody complexity. “ctère de baies noires traverse le palais, avec une touche de cannelle et une touche boisée. “

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