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Chavin - CHAVIN on RTL Petit Matin
24 Feb.2023
Chavin - CHAVIN on RTL Petit Matin
On this Friday morning, some French early risers may have had the chance to listen to RTL Petit Matin.
At 6:45 am, Pierre Herbulot, columnist in Jérôme Florin and Marina Giraudeau‘s show, talked about the “Boom of non-alcoholic drinks“.
In this economic column, the journalist talked about the exponential growth, but not only in beer! Wine is taking a good share of the market, i.e. +20% / year. Why this evolution? Well, thanks to public policy, the EVIN law, but especially a generational effect. As the journalist quotes:
“Young people want to drink less and better, says Mathilde Boulachin, director of Chavin, a pioneer brand in alcohol-free wine with 2 million bottles per year, and this is confirmed. In 10 years, wine consumption among 18-35 year olds has dropped by 7%. To drink what instead? Well, these bottles or beer 0.0. ” […]
To listen to the replay:
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