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Chavin - The Victories of Liege 2023
13 Feb.2023
Chavin - The Victories of Liege 2023
On this first day of Wine Paris 2023, Mathilde Boulachin had the honor to give the award for the best private label initiative 2023.
Member of the jury, Mathilde gave this award to the Leclerc chain, for their range “Nos Vignerons ont du Talent”. This range was relaunched in 2019 and now has 25 references.
The prize was awarded to Leclerc. Two representatives of the wine subsidiary of Leclerc were able to go on stage to collect the trophy. Pierre-Louis Gilles, member of the Scamark wine team and Cyril Mondon, who is the group leader of the wine division of the company.
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