Perle Bleu de Chavin

This wine is produced in France.

Perle Bleu de Chavin seduces and surprises with its elegant blue dress at the persistent foam and fine and delicate bubbles. This sparkling wine has a beautiful aromatic smoothness with fruity notes, aromas of black berries and floral aromas dominated by white flowers. Subtly balanced in the mouth, Perle Bleu leaves a long aftertaste .


  • Grapes


  • Soil

    Mainly with clay and limestone, very filtrating, bringing elegance to the wine.

  • Climate

    Mediterranean climate in altitude with great temperature difference between days and nights which intensify wine aromas

  • Alcohol degree


  • Service temperature

    8 to 10°C

  • Storage temperature

    Constant, between 8 to 12°C

  • Storage time

    2 years

  • Volume


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