IGP Pays d'Oc

Poulette By Chavin

This wine is produced in France.

Poulette, organic Grenache IGP Pays d'Oc has a pink litchi color, both clear and brilliant. The intense and floral nose reveals pleasant sweety notes. On the palate, the direct and lively attack gives way to a pleasant softness mixed to delicate rose notes.
Poulette from "Bon Appétit" range represents the "Food and Wine" concept with a removable back-label taking you to a mediterranean chicken recipe. A QR code gives access to a lively and funny video where a hen guides you step by step to make the recipe !


  • Grapes


  • Soil

    Clay-limestone terraces from Languedoc.

  • Climate


  • Alcohol degree


  • Service temperature

    8° to 10°C

  • Storage temperature

    Constant, between 10° and 12°C

  • Storage time

    2 years

  • Volume


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