Midi Libre: Pierre Zéro on the table of the Nobel Banquet 2019

Press / January 10, 2020

pierre chavin Midi libre Pierre Zéro Prix Nobel 2019

Midi Libre, the regional daily newspaper of reference of Languedoc-Roussillon wrote an article concerning Domaines Pierre Chavin.

It is certainly one of the most magnificent event of the year, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the majestic Nobel Banquet, taking place every December 10th, the day Alfred Nobel died, gathers more than 1 350 hosts around the King and Queen of Sweden, in the mythic « Blue Hall » of the Stockholm’s City Hall.

This year again, Pierre Zéro, alcohol-free premium beverage from Pierre Chavin, has been selected for the « 2018 Nobel Banquet Menu » 

It is a great honor and pride, for the whole Pierre Chavin team, to see its latest innovative range promoted in the Nobel Banquet, a worldwide, sumptuous event known all over the world.

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