France Bleu Herault Pierre Chavin shakes viticulture traditions

Press / June 2, 2017

France Bleu Hérault : Pierre Chavin bouscule les traditions de la viticulture

ToulEco, radio show on France Bleu Hérault presented by Ysis Perq, is dedicated to business and economy in Hérault, France. On the 1st june 2017 radio show Ysis Perq  spoke about Pierre Chavin.

“Pierre Chavin is managed by Mathilde Boulachin, she comes from Champagne region and her partner from Alsace. Together they shake  viticulture traditions. Usually we create wines to sell them. But Pierre Chavin looks at customers habits worldwide  and create wines accordingly with original wines.

For weddings or events, they created a blue sparkling with natural aromas of blueberry and a pink sparkling with rose petal aromas. They created a non-alcoholic wine for pregnant or breast feeding women, this wine is halal certified and sold in the middle-east. For the United Arab Emirates, they also added golden flakes in the alcohol-free wine.

They also produce red wine for Asia and Côte de Provence rosé wine for North America, their corporate image is the French refinment. 

More than 90% of sales are made in Asia, North America, Middle East and Scandinavia. The majority of wines are made from wine trade grapes but Pierre Chavin have also 60 hectares of organic wines in Pézenas.

The range is wide and the turnover reached 11 millions € in 2016 with a 25% increase per year. Team is 15 employees in Béziers but the owner explains that they always recruit, especially in sales department.

This might sound anecdotal by the name Pierre Chavin has been choosen being a typical french name.”

Listen to the radio show :

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