BFM Business – The alcohol-free wine for ‘hangover-free’ celebrations

Press / January 2, 2017

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Mathilde Boulachin, co-owner of Pierre Chavin, gave an interview to this influential TV and radio station in order to share the company’s innovative approach to business, it’s ‘start-up’ mindset and its alcohol-free wines.

Pierre Chavin has made a name for itself as an atypical wine producer in what is undeniably a very traditional industry. Thanks to its innovative and original products, Pierre Chavin has gained a strong market presence with its 0% alcohol wines. They offer an authentic tasting experience thanks to a unique de-alcoholization process, the only one of its kind in France, which allows for all of the aromas of the grape variety to be conserved whilst separating and removing the ethanol vapors (alcohol) from the wine.

A further advantage of the Pierre Chavin range of alcohol-free wines is that it is extensive, varied and available in a wide range of formats and sizes including XS 20cl bottles and 3 litre bag-in-boxes.

With record growth of 62%, which has seen Mathilde Boulachin receive the Eco Performance Trophy from Women Equity, Pierre Chavin also owes its success to its unique management methods. As a result of spending a period of time living and working in Scandinavia, Mathilde imported a unique managerial approach based on collaborative work and teleworking.

‘We have adopted a start-up business approach to our profession as winemakers. We have one foot in the soil and the other firmly rooted in innovation. We strongly believe that the two are inseparable’ explains the Entrepreneur.

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