Fabien Gross
Founding partner of Pierre Chavin

Fabien Gross

Oenologist creator

Originally from Alsace, Fabien Gross grew up surrounded by the Alsation vineyards. His grandfather on his mother’s side was a winemaker in the small village of Gueberschwihr, near to Colmar, and owned the wine domaine Louis Scherb & fils. From high school  until technology graduation , Fabien lived with his grandparents who passed on to him their passion for the vineyards and the terroir.

Immersed in the world of wine, Fabien soon developed an interest in the scientific, biological and research & development sides of the industry. He therefore graduated in Applied Biology, majoring in Agronomy.

Fabien considers Oenology to be the perfect meeting point between science, culture, creation and gastronomy, another of his passions.

His interest in science and research led him to the doors of the INRA, Europe’s leading national agronomical institute.

Having graduated with a degree in Oenology, Fabien decided to continue his studies in international commerce and obtained a Masters in International Wine & Spirit Sales. He then accepted an internship with J Hennessy & Co (LVMH group) where he got his first taste of the luxury sector.

He took his first glimpse of Japanese culture when working for this famous Cognac brand as a trainee.

He later returned to his roots in Alsace and was approached by Les Grands Chais de France where he became France’s youngest wine buyer aged just 25 and later progressed to head of international brand sourcing (JP Chenet) and brand development (Grand Sud, Calvet…).

In 2009, after almost 10 years with France’s leading wine export company, Fabien Gross passed the level 3 qualification from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

His desire to own his own wine domaine became a reality when the domaine Villa Noria was born in 2010. Nestled in the Pézenas lowlands, the domaine is cultivated using an environmentally responsible approach in order to produce unique, high quality organic wines.

During this time, Fabien obtained the Wine & Spirit Education Trust level 4 diploma and joined forces with Mathilde Boulachin in order to create Domaines Pierre Chavin. This merchant company quickly built a solid reputation thanks to its international differentiation strategy. Fabien is an expert in the art of blending and creates each wine having a very specific story in mind. He is responsible for commercial operations and wine production at the maison Chavin.

In his constant search  for knowledge improvement, Fabien is currently following the Master of Wine qualification, the world’s most prestigious Oenology degree.

Fabien Gross is further proof that, with courage and determination, you can start from scratch and makes your dreams… come true !

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