World Environment Day

Events / June 5, 2019

pierre-chavin actu Journee Environnement

Today, Wednesday June 5th, we are celebrating the World Environment Day, an important date that Pierre Chavin must relay.

Aware that protecting and improving the environment is a matter of major importance that affects the well-being of people and economic development around the world, Pierre Chavin is getting more and more deeply involved in the future of our planet, formalizing a strong sustainability (CSR) approach.

Chavin is committed to reduc its environmental impact that begins with the implementation of an organic farming, Terra Vitis, or HVE (High Environmental Value certification), with the choice of eco-designed, recycled materials, of reasoned transport modes, of travel control to minimize the carbon impact … A number of important actions, that could seem insignificant but that would globally make sense.

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