Women Equity : Mathilde Boulachin wins the Eco Performance Trophy 2016 !

Events / December 6, 2016

Women Equity : Mathilde Boulachin remporte le Trophée Performance Eco 2016 !What a prestigious award for Pierre Chavin ! The Co-Owner Mathilde Boulachin was awarded by the Eco Performance trophy from the Women Equity for Growth organization.

Since 2009, this organization which rewards and congratulates the women’s entrepreneurship, is on the initiative of the first SME’S list directed or co-directed by women. 40,000 French SMEs were audited, the 50 best companies in terms of growth have been highlighted, and among them 2 companies were particularly rewarded for their exceptional performances with the CSR Performance Trophy and the Eco Performance Trophy.

The ceremony was held on the 5th of December in Paris and Mathilde Boulachin received the trophy from Pierre Pringuet Vice-Chairman of Pernod Ricard and President of AFEP, it was an exceptional ceremony presided by Arnaud Le Gal, editor-in-chief of Les Echos.

To award this trophy, Pierre Pringuet was accompanied by Dunya Bouhacene, President of the Women Equity Program and co-founder of Women Equity partners.

A great consecration for Pierre Chavin, which started in 2010 from nothing and has recorded a spectacular economic growth over the last three years showing a capacity to accelerate its growth and profitability by an original strategy , both internationally in the Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, American and European markets as well as on domestic markets, a promising sector with strong prospects for future growth.

Beautiful success for Mathilde Boulachin, Chavin’s owner, who makes her favorite adage «Wisdom is to have dreams that are big enough not to lose sight when we purse them », a leitmotiv and a constant source of inspiration.

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