Vitisphère – Mathilde Boulachin in the first « top 20 of wine » !

Events Press / January 26, 2017

Vitisphère – Mathilde Boulachin parmi le premier « top 20 du vin » !

Vitisphère, website and first informative media of the wine sector for 90 000 professionnals, did its first « top 20 of wine ».

On this list 20 men and women are the French wine industry personalities in 2016, according to Vitisphère professionals.

This ranking comes as a response to issues that arise in the French vineyard.

Among these 20 men and women, Mathilde Boulachin appears like a link in the chain.

In 2016, Pierre Chavin have experienced a strong growth and is one of the innovation leaders, due to Made In France and original products, in the traditional wine’s world.

Mathilde Boulachin, Performance Eco Trophy 2016 from Women Equity, brings her freshness and avant-garde vision. Along the year, she appeared in national medias due to Pierre Zéro non-alcoholic wines, an emblematic range from Pierre Chavin.

Be in the innovation and the tradition at the same time allowed Mathilde Boulachin to be among the French wine industry personalities in 2016.


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