Villa Noria Pinot Noir : a premium organic wine

Events / June 8, 2016

Villa Noria Pinot Noir : un vin bio et premium

The organic vineyard from the South of France Villa Noria owned by Pierre Chavin is increasing its wine range with an oustanding premium Pinot Noir.

The Pinot Noir varietal, which is becoming scarce in the southern regions, has found its place in our region with a good sun exposure which allow him a high quality maturation. A sign of quality. The Mediterranean influence and the cold nights are the best conditions for its growth.

Villa Noria Pinot Noir comes from our parcel called « Les Colombiers » with a limestone soil and basaltic rock where the Pinot Noir expresses itself wonderfully. This organic estate wine IPG Pays d’Oc is completing a top range already rewarded by the famous Guide Hachette des Vins.

Presented in a elegant and impressive burgundy bottle, Villa Noria Pinot Noir has an intense ruby red colour. The complex nose reveals spicy and fruity notes and offers aromas of red, black and sour cherry. In the mouth, it releases subtile notes of red fruits, vanilla and chocolate.

This « grande cuvée » is well balanced with silky tannins and a long finish.

The association of this nectar and this new packaging highlight its timeless elegance.

Beyond the strong terroir aspect, the intense black heavy bottle gives to this cuvée a rare charm and a lof of character that you will enjoy around the family table as well for special occasions.

The work of the soil is enhanced by a careful work from the bottle selection to the cap and label design that everybody can agree on.

You can now find this cuvée on our E-shop Pierre Chavin.

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