Veganism : a healthy lifestyle from the dish to the glass

Events / May 3, 2017

Le véganisme : un mode de vie sain de l’assiette au verre

It’s a fact the veganism is trendy… This lifestyle excludes, as far as possible, any form of animal exploitation, whether for feed, dress up… It also limits our « footprint » on the earth.

Today, veganism seems to be the solution to ethic, ecologic or health issues of our modern society.

According to the United Nations Organization report, a global change of our alimentation to the vegetal is vital to combat hunger in the world, the lack of fuel and to fight against disastrous impacts of the climate change.

Veganism is based on 4 points :

  • Rejection of the animal exploitation,
  • The environmental protection (climate, deforestation, lack of water),
  • Benefits of vegetal food and dietary fibres for the health,
  • The combat against hunger in the world.

There is no exception for the wine because there are « vegan friendly » wines. Indeed, it’s possible to find animal products in the wine during its elaboration in last steps before the bottling.

Especially during the wine clarification, which consists to remove particles floating of the wine thanks to fining operation. The wine is fined thanks to gelatine, egg-based or fish-based glues and milk-casein.

There are alternatives for the fining. Such as kosher wines, we use bentonite, mineral glue forming a reliable and efficient stabilizer.

As the leader in wine innovation, Pierre Chavin considers world issues as essential and wished to bring a response to the growing vegan community.

Fabien Gross, oenologist, explains that all the Chavin’s products are « vegan friendly » :

« The fining is not necessary all the time, so when we must do that we use bentonite, a mineral glue, and we certifie that we don’t use any animal products ino ur wines ».

There are good days ahead for the veganism, one of the most important innovation of 2017 in the agrifood universe.

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