Take the challenge of the month without alcohol – Dry January

Events / January 9, 2019

pierre chavin sans alcool Dry January

Between caloric meals and all kinds of abuse, after December it’s the New Year’s Resolutions time.

For year 2019, why don’t you begin with a funny and limited in time challenge with your friends ? The « Dry January » challenge, consisting to stay sober in January.

The aim, make a detox program to see effects on your skin, weight, money, in a nutschell on body and spirit.

Campaign launched in 2013 by the charity, Alcohol Concern, helping alcoholic people better care, Dry January invades the entire world with more than 2 million participating people last year.

Widely relayed on social medias, Dry January creates a group and motivating effects.

Dry January is very positive, it allows to see bad effects of alcohol on body and to manage its alcohol consumption throughout the year.

Join us and take the challenge !

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