Silhouet’ : feminity and lightness in an alcohol-free wine

Events / September 30, 2016

Silhouet’ [Light] : la féminité et la légèreté incarnées par un vin sans alcool

Pierre Chavin launch a new range of alcohol free wines, Silhouet’ thought and made for women.

Wellness, health and diet characterize this slimming range for women who want to enjoy life and stay slim. Exit drastic diets which can be a big challenge, Silhouet’ is a source of « low-calorie » epicureanism.

Silhouet’ it’s the wine taste and aromas without alcohol. Due to Spining Cone Column, a rare dealcoholisation process in France, Chavin guarantees a 0% alcohol content and the preservation of flavors.

The Silhouet’ range differs from others Chavin’s alcohol free wines because it’s made with natural extracts to reduce the level of calorie.

A strong argument for women who will be seduced by this alcohol free and « low-calorie » wine. Indeed Silhouet’ contains only 7KCAL therefore 10 times less than a traditional wine.

The range comes in 3 wines mixing pleasure and diet. Silhouet’ Chardonnay offers a tasty nose with aromas of tropical fruits, peaches, lychees and white flowers. The palate is fruity and well-balanced.

Silhouet’ Merlot with red fruits aromas is characterized by its roundness, its structure and a generous palate.

Silhouet’ White Sparkling made from Chardonnay gives citrus and white fruit aromas. With a lively acidity, this is a full-bodied wine with a beautiful lenght, 8 caudalies.

Silhouet’, new pleasure and diet asset from Chavin, charms with its look and its feminine curves label for moments of pleasure and lightness.

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