Rayon Boissons : Mathilde Boulachin, a passion for innovation

Events Press / September 11, 2017

Rayon Boissons : Mathilde Boulachin, a passion for innovation

The 2017 September issue of Rayon Boissons, number 1 of the French professional press dedicated to retail market, dedicated a double page spread to Mathilde Boulachin, Pierre Chavin’s founder and CEO.

The title which describes her as “the innovation passionate” sets the tone. Pierre Chavin distinguishes itself from others by its boldness, its desire to innovate and its constant quest for new market niches.

An atypical approach in the traditional wine universe, but a strategy which pays off !

In December 2016, Mathilde Boulachin received the « Eco Performance » trophy among 40 000 SMEs, awarded by the Women Equity Organization, rewarding every year business women with “remarkable growth dynamic”.

Indeed, over a period of 7 years since foundation, Pierre Chavin has reached  €11 million turnover mainly done through exports .

The secret of this success story ? A bold and innovative portfolio including  wide  and premium range of alcohol free wines.

With her business partner, Fabien Gross, Mathilde Boulachin took the decision to dare to be different and decided “to listen and understand market needs  providing tailor-made products”.

Mathilde Boulachin was fully aware of the traditional and competitive universe within wine industry, she expanded the portfolio with unique and marketed products in niche segments. Keeping in mind that “all markets have not the same wine’s knowledge level and a priori”.

Her  goal : overthrow  traditional  codes  ! With the Bon Appétit range for instance, she proposes traditional wines, dressed with  innovative packaging, mixing tradition and new technologies.

Her key philosophy : « one foot in tradition and one foot in hypermodernity ».

She gained her open-minded spirit from her five years work experience within a big wine and spirit import group in Scandinavia.

A dynamic that she instills to her twenty employees team to “create motivating working conditions that stimulate creativity”.

In 2010 and 2012, Mathilde Boulachin, gave birth to two childrens. As a wine lover, the long abstinence, caused by her two successive pregnancies, confronted her to an obvious fact. “The pregnancy period helped me understand  the alcohol free  offer was not  suitable in the French market”, therefore giving birth to Pierre Zéro, the alcohol-free and premium brand, that made Pierre Chavin famous all around the world.

At age 38, the “Eco Performance” trophy winner, knows that today “not only consumers must be persuaded and convinced but also buyers from retail market” and Pierre Chavin knows that how to make the difference.



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