Pierre Chavin arrives at Montpellier airport!

Events / May 14, 2019

pierre chavin actu Aeroport Montpellier wine vin travel avion duty free baltona

Pierre Chavin enters the new terminal of Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport in the new Montpellier Duty Free by Baltona.

In 2018, the Montpellier-Méditerranée airport increased about 30,000 passengers to set a new historical record of 1.88 million (+ 1.67%) of annual passengers. Pierre Chavin is proud to participate in the modernization and extension of airport infrastructures.

The offer of Pierre Chavin is distinguished by its colors and originality: the sparkling Chardonnay Without Alcohol and Merlot Without Alcohol from the Pierre Zero range, the sparkling ÔPIA Chardonnay 0% and the rosé La Noria as well as La Noria Wine cups radiate at the entrance of the store.

The eponymous brand Pierre Chavin will continue to build its reputation with the goal of being present in national airports in the coming years…

Pierre Chavin would like to thank the entire Baltona team!

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