ÔPIA® : 1st organic alcohol-free and non-fermented wines range

Events / September 14, 2017

ÔPIA® : 1ère gamme de boissons sans alcool biologique et non fermentée

ÔPIA, the last Pierre Chavin’s innovation, is the 1st wines range with 0% of alcohol content, made with organic grapes and no fermentation.

ÔPIA reveals a great diversity of aromas and a unique style, thanks to the ageing in contact with French oak and to the grapes varieties used such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

This preservative-free and sulfite-free range reveals the best of the grape thanks to its innovative making process using grape must.

To offer the best to the consumer, grape benefits and vertus like polyphenols are extracted from the pips at low temperatures.

The ÔPIA range contains between 21 and 29 calories a glass (100ml) making it 2 time less calorific than a soft drink which contains 44 Kcal per glass.

Environmentally friendly, the ÔPIA range offers an alternative to sodas with respect for all different cultures. Indeed, the range is halal certified and vegan friendly, responds to today’s cultural issues and opens to everyone.

Its sleek design, with fine lines and forest colors give to ÔPIA a natural elegance which seduces by its simplicity.

ÔPIA, true innovation in the Pierre Chavin portfolio, offers a unique tasting experience mixing elegance and « Made in France ».

Discover this range now on our online shop and on opia-organic.com.


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