Les Echos : Pierre Chavin has been rewarded for its boldness

Events / December 6, 2017

Les Echos : L’audace payante de Pierre Chavin

Once more, Les Echos issued an article to Pierre Chavin claiming the innovative capacity of the company to shake the rules of the traditional wine universe.

With two new product launches, Pierre Chavin again shows its boldness and a strong desire to think out of the box. ÔPIA, first range of organic non-alcoholic wine and NIGIRO, range of vegan and no-sulfite added wines, with an eco-conceived packaging, reflect a perfect knowledge of the market and consumer’s needs.

Ironically, the company is based in Béziers, former Languedoc wine’s capital, to produce alcohol-free wines, generating 10% of its turnover.

Mathilde Boulachin, owner and founder, claims proudly « We have no limits ». Thanks to this guideline, Pierre Chavin’ success is today remarkable.

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