Greenia, the environmentally friendly wine from Pierre Chavin

Events / July 17, 2015

Greenia vin éco-conçu des Domaines Pierre Chavin

Bouteille Greenia des Domaines Pierre ChavinPierre Chavin has a strong social awareness and its approach prioritizes environmental preservation and sustainable development. It seeks to offer consumers enjoyment combined with responsible consumption.

It has therefore produced Greenia, an eco-designed wine both inside and outside the bottle. This IGP Pays d’Oc Cabernet Sauvignon uses organic agriculture methods, carries the Ecocert organic certification and contains no added sulfites.

The real innovation, however, is in its packaging which will not cease to amaze!

Firstly, its fully recyclable Select Bio cork is made entirely from plant substances derived from sugar cane and therefore from renewable ressources. This is the first ever corking system with a zero carbon footprint.

Its lightweight bottle, made from glass and infinitely recyclable, weighs just 360g compared to 550g on average for a traditional bottle and 410g for an Ecova bottle. It also offers a reduced environnemental footprint as well as reduced energy consumption.

The label is made using mineral paper from sugar cane. It contains no wood and is therefore fully renewable and recyclable.

Carton Greenia des Domaines Pierre ChavinThe ink used is water-based and the case is produced using recycled material, without the use of glue, and is 100% recyclable.

Greenia is an environmentally friendly wine from head to toe and attests to Pierre Chavin’s commitment to sustainable agriculture in order to respect our planet and consumers.

Enjoy immediately to experience a moment of environmentally friendly pleasure!

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