Les Echos : Mathilde Boulachin, business woman with no limits

Events Press / September 27, 2017

Les Echos : Mathilde Boulachin, business woman with no limits

In his newspaper article called « Women Entrepeurship in France », the famous French magazine Les Echos wrote an article about Mathilde Boulachin, Pierre Chavin’s founder and owner.

Her entrepreneurial model, based on differentiation and innovation, as well as her unconventional career question in a world where women become leaders within corporations.

After graduating in business and a university degree on emerging markets analysis, Mathilde Boulachin started her career working abroad for a swedish multinational company specializing in medical technology. This will taught her efficiency of the scandinavian business model giving a chance to younger generation. A model that she applies in her own company.

Very soon at of twenty-seven, Mathilde became manager of a team. At this moment, entrepreneurship is a clear evidence to her : « We don’t become business owner, it’s inborn and we early fell that. »

Originaly from Champagne area in France, Mathilde Boulachin has a perfect knowledge of the bubble’s world. She became the champagne ambassadress for internal tastings in her swedish company. At this moment, she decided to come back in France to follow a wine & spirits master degree. She then went back to Stockholm to import wine as she perfectly knew the market.

In 2008, back to France, she created her first company specializing in marketing for winemakers willing to do international trade.

In 2010, she created Pierre Chavin, wine trading company, with Fabien Gross. To exist, the two business partners took a tough line : « we have positioned ourselves on innovation, differentiation and internationalization. »

Quickly, Pierre Chavin became a famous company thanks to its organic and sparkling wines as well as its alcohol-free wine brands.

The key to success ? Marketing, creativity and a great innovation capacity.

With her atypical experience, Mathilde Boulachin isn’t afraid to be different and proves that being a woman with two young children is certainly not an obstacle to entrepreneurship but indeed a great motivation.



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