Chavin, Leader In Wine Innovation, ”Twist” with HELIX

Events / June 26, 2015

Les Domaines Pierre Chavin adopte le système de bouchage Helix

Helix is an innovative corkage concept that is revolutionising wine packaging.

The facts are simple: wine is now drunk throughout the whole world and goes far beyond the limits of French culture and the ceremonial opening of the bottle with a corkscrew.
The objective: to conserve the main elements behind the recognition of the quality of a wine, with the glass bottle and traditional cork material, whilst finding a technique that allows the bottle to be opened and closed easily.
The challenge: creating a product that retains the same features as modern products whilst simultaneously respecting wine-related traditions.

Helix is the unison of these two worlds, practicality and tradition. The system comprises a glass bottle with a threaded neck and an ergonomic cork made from micro-granules which takes the shape of the bottle neck’s screw thread when inserted. Helix therefore allows the bottle to be easily screwed and unscrewed as required.

This remarkable design respects the consumer’s preference for the traditional cork material, combining both ecological factors and wine traditions.

Pierre Chavin, market leader in innovation, dared to take a risk with this new concept that is set to revolutionise the way we consumer wine.

By adapting Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles, Maison Chavin seeks to offer consumers the possibility to uncork a bottle of wine as easily as clicking their fingers, to drink a single glass of wine and then to recork the bottle just as easily.

This new “Easy-to-drink” approach to wine also allows consumers the opportunity to retaste and rediscover their wine without altering its organoleptic qualities.

Cuvée At the 2015 VINEXPO wine trade fair, Chavin presented its new range of wines fitted with the innovative Helix system, “A Glass Of Wine”, which reflects the consumer’s desire to pour a single glass of wine and then recork the bottle with a simple “Twist”.

The fashionable “Twist and Taste” concept, aimed at the international market, will once again confirm Chavin’s status as a wine industry pionneer on an international level.

Purists should not worry though, as this innovation, as well as bringing a new aesthetic and elegant design to the bottle, offers the same advantages as a traditional cork, right up til the “pop” of the bottle being opened!

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