A new and more eco-friendly packaging for Greenia

Events / January 20, 2020

pierre chavin Midi libre Greenia éco conçu bio vegan alcool éco

GREENIA® displays its new outfit at the Wine Fair Millésime Bio 2020 that takes place from January 27th to 29th.

GREENIA® is a range of French organic, vegan and no sulfite added wines, that has been designed to get as close as possible to nature and to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible.

Still dressed in a light bottle, with a totally recyclable sugar cane cork, the new label of Greenia is both FSC certified so respectful of sustainable forests and made with recycled paper.

Its new graphic universe depicting Dandelion seeds evokes the naturality, the lightness and the wellness provided by this no sulfite added wine.

GREENIA® Cabernet Sauvignon benefits from the first and unique cap elaborated with 100% recyclable materials, without plastic, that contributes to the preservation of the environment.

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