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  • Events / July 1, 2021


    New born in the none-alcoholic category: Joyéa by Pierre Chavin. A none-fermented, organic, chardonnay inspired by nature. A couture and designed virgin sparkling… more than a drink, a full experience… an expression of Joy ! …

  • Events / June 24, 2021

    Glad Midsomar !

    Pierre Chavin wish you all a Glad Midsommar! And enjoy on top of a great party, a great wine, an explosion of flowers of Joy! #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #midsomar

  • Events / June 7, 2021

    Pierre Chavin takes part in the new revolution of low and no-alcohol !

    9-10 JUNE 2021   The Low2NoBev Show is a brand new – and unique – dedicated trade event to give the sector its own voice and support its future growth. From low-abv beers, ciders, wines …

  • Events / June 1, 2021

    Pierre Zéro at Hilton Hotel

    Hilton Hotel in Seoul recently launched ‘Babymoon Package’ for pregnant women and their families. This includes a bottle of Pierre Zero Chardonnay sparkling ! 👉 #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree #vinsansalcool #nonalcoholicwine #alcohofreewine #pierrezero

  • Events / April 26, 2021

    Pierre Chavin in sweden press

    Time for spring in Sweden with Pierre Chavin Côtes de Gascogne ! #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent

  • Events / April 22, 2021

    Good News !

    Pierre Chavin is the first wine merchant in France to be awarded China National Organic Standard Certification.  This certification is the result of longstanding efforts to meet the expectations of the Chinese market. The main …

  • Events / April 20, 2021

    Opia video

    Opia video for a Trade show at Tokyo Big Sight ! 🎬 Watch on Vimeo  #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree #opiaorganic

  • Events / April 15, 2021

    Le Petit Chavin at V&B !

    Pierre Chavin is so happy to announce that “Le Petit Chavin” alcohol-free range is now available at V&B! V&B N°1 French cellar & bar concept  ! #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree #vandb

  • Events / April 13, 2021

    Les Cocottes in Japan

    Advertisement for Les Cocottes in Japan ! Watch on You Tube  #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree

  • Events / March 25, 2021

    They talk about us !

    Nice article about Pierre Chavin today in Les Echos!   Read on :   #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent #sansalcool #alcoholfree

  • Events / March 22, 2021

    International forest day 2021

    Since its creation, Pierre Chavin, has been committed to keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum, opting for organically grown grapes wherever possible, developing innovative and ecologically friendly packaging within a carefully considered CSR framework. …

  • Events / February 5, 2021

    The Porto Protocol

    Mathilde Boulachin, CEO of Pierre Chavin, is guest speaker at the Porto Protocol.   The topic :  “The business sense of internalizing Climate Change”, important concern for Pierre Chavin…   #pierrechavin #daretobedifferent

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