Pierre Chavin culture has always been based on strong innvovation and differentiation. This collection is the brand’s flagship range and reflects the originality and unique style that made Pierre Chavin famous around the world.

With the Collection Innovation, Pierre Chavin reveals the extent of its creativity and cultivates the art of reinventing oneself with a touch of creativity and a focus on the art of blending.

Pierre Chavin combines tradition and innovation and this range just goes to show that anything is possible. 20 centuries of respected winemaking traditions have evolved over time to give us a colourful 21st century showing that wine can break free from its elitist and premium image in order to become a source of relaxation and drinking pleasure and offer an accessible tasting experience.

The Collection Innovation showcases maison Chavin’s savoir-faire and reflects the work of a team who all share the same philosophy: To have dreams so big it becomes impossible we lose sight of them.

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